About Kick Sarcoma

The Kick Sarcoma Campaign is a dedicated fund raising effort sponsored by the Sarah Grace Sarcoma Organization to fund grants for the support of Sarcoma research and raise community awareness of these deadly cancers. The Kick Sarcoma Campaign encourages community involvement through the sale of Kick Sarcoma shoe laces.


Community Involvement is key! From Olympic athletes to local sports clubs, the Kick Sarcoma Campaign is dependent on your involvement for success! The Kick Sarcoma Campaign will supply the literature and advertising material to help you get your sports team, coffee club, church group, or colleagues involved in spreading awareness and raising funds for research.

As sarcomas have a disproportionate effect on children and young people, the Kick Sarcoma Campaign has a youth ambassador program to encourage involvement and awareness among our youth. By encouraging their sports teams and school groups to purchase and wear Kick Sarcoma laces, young adults qualify as Youth Ambassadors and are eligible for community service credit for the work involved.

  • Why do we need your support for sarcoma research?

    Sarcoma does not receive adequate funding for research, and community support is the only way we can ensure research continuity. Help us make a difference by contributing towards this ground breaking research.

  • How can you support the sarcoma research?

    With – $1000 you can purchase a sarcoma cell line for our research

    With – $500 you can buy antibodies to enable the study of platelets and immune cells in metastasis (per 1 mL equal 20 doses)

    With – $280 you can conduct 1 metastasis experiment

    With – $30 you can grow sarcoma cells for 1 week prior to experiment

    With – $5.40 you can feed our mice (accommodation, food and water per 5 mice/week)