Meet Our New Youth Ambassador Emma Oldager

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When Emma was 9 years old she experienced what her parents thought were growing pains in her left leg. Since they were going skiing in China (they were living in Shanghai at that point) they thought they better get an okay from a doctor to send Emma on the slopes. That same night, they had packed their bags and told the American School that they were taking Emma and her younger brother, Sebastian, out for a while. At that point, Emma had no idea she was in for 8 months of chemo therapy and losing her leg. At that point, she bravely said ‘see you later’ to all her friends as she was looking forward to Botanic Gardens and Universal Studios in Singapore.

Today, Singapore is home for 15-year-old Emma and her family. As Emma is on the swim team at Singapore American School she has seen most of the pools here, she enjoys going to movies and other shows with her friends, or spending time with horses at Riding for the Disabled (RDA). When arriving in 2012, Emma was isolated from most of the things she knows and loves today – her friends were all back in Shanghai, and though Skype was a life saver and though school would raise funds for Emma’s friends to go and see her, a life with chemo therapy is a life of repeated isolation.

Though it is hard to learn to get around on a prosthetic leg, you will know Emma by her beautiful smile and a curiosity to try new things. Swimming is a great passion of hers and she hopes to one day make the Danish Paralympic National Team but she loves riding as well, has tried dancing, and has been awarded by the High School PE department for her abilities and efforts.

Because Emma does not wish for anyone to go through the pain and the emotional roller coaster ride she did, she is happy to join the team in Kick Sarcoma, advocating awareness and trying to raise funds to put a stop to sarcoma.