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From the Managing Director of the Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation

Dear friend and partner,

Sarcomas are not just a challenge to society, they are also a significant cost factor due to the high morbidity and mortality rates (50% mortality within 5 years of diagnosis) and their propensity to affect the young, although all groups are represented.

Due to lack of high level research, the high mortality rates for sarcoma have not changed for the last decade Lack of recognition of this lethal cancer has led us to term it the forgotten cancer of our day. It is therefore more important than ever, to join forces to fight this deadly disease.

The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation is a charitable non-profit organisation that was created to address the lack of high level research in order to improve sarcoma patient survival. The Foundation has an alliance of researchers, patient groups and medical professionals who aim to understand the origin and course of sarcoma as majority of sarcomas recur unpredictably to the lungs without prior warning. We also aim to reinvigorate the clinical development of new drugs and new therapeutic strategies.

The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation will be extremely grateful for any help you can offer us, as your contribution and support increases our chance of defeating sarcoma.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Grace Moshi