Tyler’s Story

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Tyler was just your average toddler. In January 2010, we noticed a small lump on his lower back. About the size of a 20c piece. My first thought was “we’re in trouble”. We took him to the doctors the next day and they weren’t too concerned at all. They said it was possibly a bruise in his muscle from a fall. Over the next four months, the lump grew to the size of an avocado. We’d been to numerous doctors visits and had ultrasounds but no one knew what it was. We were finally sent to a paediatrician at the Cairns Base Hospital. It just so happened that the Oncology Team from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane were up that day. They knew the lump was nasty and Tyler and I were on a plane the next morning. After a week of horrendous tests, he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a malignant cancer of the connective tissues.